Monday, May 17, 2010

NYX eyelashes GALORE

A few weeks ago I jumped when I heard that NYX Cosmetics was having their big Bundle of Joy sale. I told everyone about this great deal. I ended up only getting one bundle cuz Ive been trying to show some self restraint (yea right!). Here's what I scored.

Just realized my pic kinda sucks, oh well you get the gist of it right?

I can't wait to try these bad boys out.

Ok time to unwind and decide what look to do for tomorrow's MAC to the Beach unveiling party


  1. Notice, one is missing because you had to put them on Cindy!

    You got ALOT! Haha I just got one pair today (:
    Oh & have you tried China Glaze polish?
    I saw it today at Sally's and iv'e heard about it on youtube!
    I hope to get some soon (:

  3. @Elsie, I actually used Andrea Mod lashes #53 on your sis and i regret it now cuz i loved those lashes :( I need MORE

    @Vanessa I really like China Glaze and OPI nail polish but since I usually get manicure I dont invest in them. Maybe we can buy some at Sallys and Elsie can do our nails??