Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Aftermath: MAC to the Beach

So I just got home from the unveiling party for MAC to the Beach and man oh man am I tired. Have you ever tried fighting 50 plus women to swatch an eyeshadow?

Let's make a Pros/Cons List shall we?

  • Hottie models who made me blush like a lil school girl...or as my friend said, "They look like human Ken dolls!"
  • Threw back a few yummy cocktails
  • I think I saw some models with trays of food but really who can eat when the person holding the tray has flawless abs staring at u in the face?
  • Got to pick up some of the stuff id been feenin for :)
  • Made some cool friends in line ..what was her name again?
  • SOLD OUT MARINE LIFE?!! How is that possible when it's not even released yet?? I was mad as a mo'fo
  • Bumpin elbows with 100 crazy MAC fanatics

So I ended up getting 2 eyeshadows, a new blush, and a new lipstick. I also pre-ordered the Marine Life Highlighting powder that I can pick up on the 27th. I know Im gonna haul some more bronzers later but for now I am content :)


PS thanks to my lovely friends for supporting my addiction and coming with me.

Happy Reading <3

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